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The path to mindfulness starts with a single breath. For those seeking genuine health, balance, and well-being, Zen Gym is the space to strengthen all the “muscles” you need.

Our teachers guide you through meditation and mindful movement practices proven to reduce stress, offer perspective, build resilience, and unlock your true potential.

Take the first breath today.

Find YOUR Zen.


Hi! I’m Hollie Krantz, the founder of Zen Gym.

I found mindfulness meditation in 2013.

Having barely survived the housing market crash and economic downturn, I then learned of my husband’s infidelity. Suffering from chronic stress, severe depression and panic attacks, I turned to mindfulness through the practices of meditation and yoga.

Quite literally, this saved my life.

Some of the most amazing souls have joined our team as instructors, each having found meditation through deep, personal journeys. What was once my “Phoenix Rising” story has become something much larger than I could have imagined.

Zen Gym

So, whether you are exploring meditation for the mental or physical health benefits, for the increased focus, creativity and awareness, or simply to develop more compassion for yourself and others, our philosophy at Zen Gym is to offer a wide range of mindfulness practices, in a comfortable, accepting space, so you can discover what resonates with YOU.

We would love you to join us. Drop in and find YOUR Zen!



Hollie Krantz

Hollie Krantz credits meditation for saving her life after chronic stress hit both her personal and professional lives.  She is a mom to three busy children (who also practice meditation and mindfulness), as well as a successful entrepreneur and residential real estate investor.  Hollie is MBSR trained, an amateur Yogi and a regular meditator.

She is the Chief Zen Officer for the Zen Gym and is responsible for executing the company’s overall vision, driving the focus on the company’s core values and reinforcing the culture.

Janet Sandman

After retiring from a 21-year career as a police officer and firefighter, Janet realized she needed a way to deal with the effects of chronic stress accumulated during her career in public safety and her tour of duty in Operation Desert Storm.

After experiencing the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a daily meditation practice, Janet was compelled to share mindfulness meditation with others.

Janet has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida, has received training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and has completed her coursework toward becoming a McLean Meditation Institute Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher.

Amanda Dunnavant

Amanda is a yoga therapist and Kripalu certified yoga instructor with clinical experience in therapy and meditation. She helps individuals learn tools of self-empowerment and thoughtful action through practices of mindfulness.

In addition to teaching at Zen Gym, Amanda manages the unique wellness programing at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, spends time with her own meditative painting practice, believing in the power of authentic beauty, intuitive aesthetics and vibrant living.

Barbara Bowman

Growing up in Montana, Barbara has always embraced an active lifestyle. Barbara has practiced the healing power of yoga for over 10 years and has practiced mindfulness meditation and Yoga Nida for over 6 years. She shares guided meditation with her students to help them raise awareness within themselves and others, guiding them to clarity as they navigate the changes in their lives.

She earned her personal training certification from Cooper Clinic, and also holds AFAA Group Fitness and Yoga Fit certifications and has studied under John Vosper.

Bobbie Perkins

For more than 40 years, Bobbie has managed the stresses of everyday life through her personal meditation practice. This served her well throughout her public school teaching career. In addition to teaching at Zen Gym, Bobbie provides leadership and instruction at the Dallas Meditation Center. Bobbie teaches introductory meditation workshops to individuals and businesses and is known for her lunchtime Zen-to Go.

Because meditation, mindfulness and well-being can be experienced in a variety of ways, Bobbie’s classes offer sitting and walking meditations, as well as Trataka, candle-gazing. Her gentle, friendly manner puts people at ease and encourages everyone to relax into the present moment.

Chinook Wusdhu

Chinook fell in love with movement at an early age and was extremely active and competitive early in life. In 1976, his life took a significant turn after a severe back injury requiring major surgery. Chinook turned to internal healing arts and holistic approaches to manage pain and support his health and well-being.

Chinook has spent his lifetime using meditation, yoga and Tai Chi to strengthen his mind, body and spirit. Chinook has spent 30+ years sharing his understanding of mindful movement with through teaching others.

He successfully completed Baron Baptise’s Level 1 teacher training and Sivananda’s Yoga and Sports Intensive Course.

Christine Shin

Christine Shin, a 20+ year integrative wellness practitioner, has a passion to teach people of all ages not just how to live, but how to thrive. She specializes in lifestyle behavioral change, where you learn how to become empowered from the inside-out, thus cultivating a purposeful life that will make your authentic self shine!

Due to her own personal struggles, Christine found herself immersed in the nurturing world of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation learning to heal on a holistic level. Reframing one’s perception of a thought or belief can provide such a powerful impact on faith, inner strength, gratitude and happiness. She has learned to embrace what arises and appreciate life moment to moment!

Christine is a 200 RYT Yoga Alliance instructor through Dallas Yoga Center and teaches students the gifts of compassion and inner strength.

As our yoga kids coach, she is over the moon excited to help our little rockstars thrive by learning how to pause, breathe, and enjoy being exactly who they are…. right now! She loves spreading a little mischief in her teaching so be forewarned that meditation and laughter go hand in hand.

Janna Whitton

As a certified speech-language pathologist, Janna’s passion has always been to help others. Throughout her life, she has been keenly interested in health, fitness and the mind-body connection. Once she started taking Qigong and Tai Chi classes, learning about and experiencing the many benefits of these beautiful forms, she knew she wanted to share these ancient practices to help others enjoy the benefits as well.

Janna is certified to teach Qigong and Tai Chi Easy by Dr. Roger Jahnke of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi in Santa Barbara, California. She is certified to teach Tai Chi for Busy People by Dr. Keith Jeffery based in British Columbia, Canada. She also studies under John Chiu and is experienced in the practice of traditional Tai Chi Yang Forms such as the 10 Form, 24 Form, 42 Form, 18 Sword Form, and 32 Sword Form and enjoys sharing these meditation in motion movements with others.

Jenny Alfia

Jenny was working as an accountant when, after the birth of her second child, she suffered severe physical trauma. Unsatisfied with advice from most physicians to pursue extensive surgery, she turned to health and wellness. In less than 4 years, she became fully healed and healthier than she’d ever been. She is now a registered yoga teacher and a coach, sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients.

Lauren Margolies

Lauren began practicing yoga nearly 15 years ago as a way to increase flexibility. After having two children and becoming a working mom, the importance of her yoga practice became paramount in helping create harmony in daily life.

After trying many different styles of yoga, Lauren felt her deepest connection with a sound vibration based practice and discovered the amazing gift of meditation. Through exploration and teacher training, Lauren developed a profound interest in holistic wellness and has studied Ayurveda, pranayama, meditation, chakra balancing, aromatherapy and more.

Lauren’s goal as a yoga and meditation teacher is to compassionately guide others in finding more balance and peace. She hopes everyone can experience deep connection to oneself and pure bliss through any style of mindfulness practice.

Lisa Chang

Marketing Projects and Community Support

Lori Nazareth

Lori began practicing Transcendental Meditation, a mantra-based practice, in 1997. That same year, Lori also began practicing Yoga at the Dallas Yoga Center, studying under such wonderful teachers as Fred Dowd, David Sunshine and Paula Weithman.

As a graphic designer in the stressful world of advertising, Lori sought healthy ways to alleviate stress and anxiety. The combination of meditation and Yoga provided her with a strong platform to cope with whatever came her way. After years of personal practice, Lori feels called to share her experience, helping others attain a more peaceful and joyful state of mind.

Malee Lucas

Malee allows conscious business owners and entrepreneurs to live their purpose, create a life of meaning, and leave their legacy through branding, web design, and marketing. Meditation has been a mainstay of her daily ritual for over a decade. She’s excited that her company, Sacred Fire Creative, has teamed with Zen Gym to bring modern meditation into the mainstream.

Maraliz Campos

Maraliz crossed the bridge from a career in the international non-profit sector to life as a meditation & yoga instructor. After beginning her yoga practice in 2003 and meditation practice in 2005, things changed for her as she fell ill her senior year of college.

As her illnesses progressed, Maraliz was bedridden and unable to walk. Through studying mindfulness and later reconnecting with her asana practice, Maraliz saw these difficulties as something positive; as bridges that allow her to connect with her students and support them on their own journeys. Her vision of yoga is increasing awareness of the body, mind, and soul, through meditation, sound healing and her kinesthetic approach to yoga instruction.

In 2015, Maraliz was certified by Dallas Yoga Center and completed her transmission ceremony accepting the Five Mindfulness Trainings with Terry Cortes-Vega at the Dallas Meditation Center.

Stephanie Spett

Stephanie began her yoga journey after the birth of her son in 2005. Much of her life had been spent searching for something to make her “whole”. Through her yoga practice, Stephanie learned self-acceptance; to be happy with who she is, imperfections and all.

Stephanie completed her Kids Yoga training from Yogees Yoga 4 Kids in 2012 and completed a 200-hour program from Dallas Yoga Center in 2013. Teaching yoga to children and adults makes her happy and she wants to spread the happy!

Tressa Vazquez

Tressa was raised in a new-thought church which influenced a lifelong exploration and practice of meditation and mindfulness from an early age. This was the catalyst for what would become her passion and her vocation.

At the age of 27 Tressa found herself the mother of 3 small children, overweight and disconnected. It was then that she reconnected with a lost meditation and yoga practice. Within a year, she lost 100 pounds and had newfound physical and mental wellness. In 2010, Tressa obtained her 200-hour yoga certification from Surya Yoga Center. Three years later, Tressa left corporate America to become a full time yoga instructor. Today, Tressa teaches yoga and meditation in individual and group settings to students age eight to 88.

Veronica Valles

Veronica Valles is a mystic heart, speaker, teacher, poet, photographer, Peace Educator and minister for Centers for Spiritual Living. A Visionary Catalyst and Creative Igniter, through her writing, photography, Life Empowerment Coaching Sessions and dynamic teachings, she awakens people to the magnificence of their being.